Climatism! Science, Common Sense, and the 21st Century’s Hottest Topic

  • Why have we had eight years of global cooling when all the global climate models projected eight years of warming?
  • If polar bears are endangered by global warming, why have bear populations more than doubled in the last 50 years?
  • Minimum Arctic ice in 2007 was trumpeted by the press, but why was maximum Antarctic ice in 2007 hardly mentioned?
  • After building more than 20,000 wind turbine towers, why have Germany and Denmark been unable to close a single coal-fired power plant?

This is a serious book that carefully examines the issues that have been used to create the current climate change/global warming crisis… I endorse Climatism! for its easy-to-read, well-illustrated presentation of complex science.

–John Coleman, Meteorologist and Founder of the Weather Channel

The complete in-depth discussion of the science, politics, and energy policy implications of the global warming debate.

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1000+ notes, index, & bibliography

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What Others Have Said about Climatism!

“If you care about the 21st century society, you must read this book. In my 55-year career as a scientist I have written over 1,000 book reviews for various journals. No book has pleased me more than Climatism! by Steve Goreham.” –Jay Lehr, Ph.D. Science Director, The Heartland Institute READ FULL REVIEW

“Goreham–the antidote for Gore!” –Doug Giles, Radio Talk Show Host

“A handbook for climate skeptics…the logical, comprehensive and convincing case against those who blame mankind for global warming…” –Alan Wallace, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review READ FULL REVIEW

…one of the most comprehensive yet accessible studies I have seen…if you have any interest in the subject you’ll find it difficult to put down.” –Roger Helmer, Minister of European Parliament

Climatism! is a myth-buster of a book. If you are interested in climate, carbon, or energy, you need this common-sense book on your reference shelf, especially if you are a politician, a journalist, a teacher, or a parent. Steve Goreham identifies the origins, symptoms and cures for the societal sickness of Climatism. His book is comprehensive, interesting, logical, factual and well-referenced. He also has a marvellous collection of quotes. You will enjoy reading it.” –Viv Forbes, Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition

Climatism!, written with eloquence and simple-to-understand language to explain complex concepts, is a must-read to understand the interplay between the demagoguery of alarmist climate change and the real dangers that it entails in the lifestyle we enjoy. Steve Goreham has done a masterful job to present a very coherent and convincing book on perhaps the most crucial social, political and economic issue of the 21st century.” –Professor Michael J. Economides, University of Houston, Editor-in-Chief Energy Tribune

“Before your future disappears under piles of climate model print-outs and fraudulent carbon credits, read Steve Goreham’s new book Climatism!” –Dennis Avery, Director, Center for Global Food Issues, Hudson Institute

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“In the entertaining and factual book Climatism!, Steve Goreham shows that this newest “ism” has precious little clothing of science, but is driven by an amazing collection of other motives. The book recounts the history of Climatism, from its carefully orchestrated beginnings–by people with agendas that went well beyond climate control–to the current sound and fury of the Copenhagen climate summit and the embarrassment over the Climategate computer files.” –William Happer, Cyrus Fogg Bracket Professor of Physics, Princeton University

“This is a marvellous summary of climate change issues and the conversion of climate science into the politics of Climatism.” –Russ Steele, NC Media Watch READ FULL REVIEW

“Goreham covers the science, the politics, the history, and the consequences if we get things wrong … I’m agog at how much research he must have done to pull together so many strands. I’ll be keeping this book close by. It’s one heck of a resource.” –Joanna Nova, Australian Speaker, TV-Host, and Author

“I found the book Climatism! by Steve Goreham so fascinating I could hardly stop reading.” –Don Bongaards, Fellow, Minnesota Free Market Institute READ FULL REVIEW

“Over the years I have read many books on global warming and this one surely ranks among the best.” –Alan Caruba, Author and Columnist

Climatism! A real cool book that quenches the fire of the mythical dragon of global warming with the twinkle of real science.” –Professor David Bellamy, Ph. D., British Botanist, Author, Broadcaster, and Environmentalist

Climatism! achieves the right balance of being readable and a credible reference source.” –David Archibald, Australian Climate Scientist

Climatism! is the ideal foundation for serious non-scientists about understanding the science, politics and public policy of climate change in the world today.” –Dan Miller, Publisher/Executive Vice President, The Heartland Institute

Author’s Note

It was June of 1995, a beautiful day in Colorado, and an excellent day for whitewater kayaking. My paddling companions and I were taking a brief rest in a river eddy on the Arkansas River at the bottom of Royal Gorge in Colorado. The blue-green river had narrowed to about 50-feet wide as it roared between the reddish-brown granite cliffs of the gorge. We leaned back in our kayaks to look up more than a thousand feet to the suspension bridge, which appeared tiny at the top of the canyon. What a magnificent world this is.

For more than three decades, when family and work allowed, I’ve enjoyed kayaking many of the whitewater rivers of the United States and Canada. I’ve navigated the rapids of several rivers on the Cumberland Plateau in eastern Tennessee, the home of Al Gore. I’ve camped by tent and trailer throughout North America with my family and friends. I’ve enjoyed many national parks and forests. These experiences are among my favorite memories.

No one wants to see Earth’s air polluted, rivers dirtied, or oceans fouled. We all want to pass a better world on to our children. But our policies must be based on logic and sound science, not propaganda and fear.

For several years, I’ve watched the global-warming debate from afar. An occasional news report one decade ago has grown into a blizzard of news broadcasts, books, YouTube video clips, and movies. Most of this communication has proclaimed that Earth is warming; that our industrial civilization is the cause; and increasingly, that we are on the road to climate catastrophe.

Despite the avalanche of publicity decrying man-made global warming, I wondered whether it all really made sense. Most news stories pointed to a weather event, such as Hurricane Katrina or catastrophic fires in Australia, and then jumped to the conclusion that the event was caused by human industry. Discussion of the science behind such conclusions was rarely included in the story.

Predictions announced that, by the year 2100, icecaps will melt, seas will inundate, and catastrophic hurricanes will occur, among many other disasters destined to plague us all. But then my local meteorologist would be wrong on his 5-day weather forecast. How is it possible that predictions for the year 2100 can be accurate, but not forecasts for the weekend?

As I read alarmist books on human-caused global warming, a pattern began to emerge. Most books spend 10–20 pages on the science of climate change, and then hundreds of pages on the impacts and possible remedies. These books rely almost entirely on findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations for their science, and assume that the IPCC is correct.

At the same time, I discovered a growing group of scientists who, I believe, are climate realists, but are called “skeptics” (or worse) by the news media. These technologists are increasingly convinced that our globe is warming, but that the warming is due to natural, rather than man-made causes. Their arguments proved persuasive and moved me decisively into the skeptic camp. Most astonishing, the science clearly shows that global warming is due to natural causes, despite the tidal wave of world belief in man-made climate change.

Once convinced that mankind was heading down the wrong track, I felt compelled to add my voice to the debate. Exaggerations by Al Gore, James Hansen, and others added fuel to my fire to write. This book is the result.

Whether global warming is being caused by humanity should be decided by science, not by politics. The climate and energy policies of the nations of the world should be based on valid science, sound economics, and common sense. Unfortunately, as we shall see, this is currently not the case. Let me state up front that I am not in the pay of any energy company, or any other organization with a vested interest in the debate.

Table of Contents

Foreword by John Coleman, Meteorologist ix
Author’s Note xi
Introduction 1
Chapter 1 A Tsunami for Global Warming Alarmism 7
Three Climatist Prophets of Doom ~ Eight “Disasters” of Global Warming ~ Media Cheerleaders ~ The Consensus Appears Unanimous ~ The Global Delusion
Chapter 2 The Thin Science for Man-Made Global Warming 19
Energy Balance and Weather ~ Early Research on Carbon Dioxide ~ The Simple Greenhouse Effect ~ Increasing CO2 and Temperature ~ A Closer Look at Temperatures ~ Global Warming Dogma ~ Rise of the Climate Models ~ The Vostok Ice Cores ~ Thin Science for Man-made Global Warming
Chapter 3 Carbon Dioxide: Not Guilty 39
Carbon Dioxide-A Trace Gas ~ The Carbon Cycle ~ Carbon Dioxide Is Great for Plants ~ The Core Issue: The Greenhouse Effect ~ Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Impacts ~ It’s All About the Feedback ~ Garbage In, Garbage Out
Chapter 4 Climate Change Is Continuous 59
Our Climate Is Dominated by Cycles ~ Long Term: The Milankovitch Cycles ~ Measurement of Past Temperatures ~ The Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age ~ Medium Term: The 1500-Year Cycle ~ Short Term Cycles: El Niño, PDO, and AMO ~ Natural Cycles Explain Global Warming
Chapter 5 The Sun Is Our Climate Driver 79
Evidence Points to the Sun ~ The Link between Cosmic Rays and the Sun ~ New Evidence: Solar Activity Affects Clouds ~ Nature Is Not Cooperating ~ Are We Headed for Global Cooling?
Chapter 6 Global Warming Disasters Debunked 99
Icecap Melting Causes Sea Level Rise ~ An Increase in Reported Natural Disasters ~ Devastation from Hurricanes and Storms ~ Famine from Droughts and Floods ~ Increase in Temperature- Related Deaths ~ The Polar Bear and Species Extinction ~ Melting Glaciers and Water Shortages ~ Coral and Acidification of the Oceans ~ Gulf Stream Shut Down and New Ice Age
Chapter 7 The IPCC and the Road to World Delusion 137
United Nations and Environmental Activism ~ Ozone Hole and Montreal Protocol ~ Theatrics in the Summer of 1988 ~ The IPCC Gathers a Host of Support ~ Score Decided before the Game Was Played ~ 1992 Earth Summit and the FCCC ~ Increasing “Certainty” of IPCC Reports ~ Re-writing History with the Mann Curve ~ Consensus Science from the IPCC ~ The Kyoto Treaty: Lesson in Futility ~ Alarming IPCC Temperature Forecasts
Chapter 8 Climatism: The Ideology behind Global Warming Alarmism 161
Malthus and the Roots of Climatism ~ The New Malthusians Adopt Climatism ~ The Improving State of the World ~ The Environment and Kuznets Curves
Chapter 9 The Beliefs, Objectives and Tactics of Climatism 179
Eight False Beliefs of Climatism ~ The Objectives of Climatism ~ The Tactics of Climatism
Chapter 10 The Science Is Not Settled 197
The Attack on the Deniers ~ Revelle, Gore, and Suppression of Science ~ Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty ~ The Climatist Inquisition ~ The Purchasing of Climate Science ~ Three Notable Dissenters ~ The Culpable News Media ~ Growing Number of Climate Realists ~ The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change ~ Climategate at East Anglia
Chapter 11 Snake Oil Remedies to “Save the Planet” 223
The Plan: Reduce CO2 Emissions 50% to 85% ~ The Stabilization Wedges ~ Emissions After Kyoto Protocol ~ Kyoto II Conference in Copenhagen ~ Attack on Freedom and Our Way of Life ~ Rationing and The Climate Police
Chapter 12 Energy: The Lifeblood of Prosperity 241
The Hydrocarbon Revolution ~ World Energy Usage ~ Energy Use Grows Despite Attacks ~ World Energy Reserves ~ Some Basics About Electrical Power
Chapter 13 Renewable Energy: Reality Far Short of Promises 259
Solar Energy: Perpetual 1% Solution ~ Realities of Solar Power Economics ~ Home Solar Systems ~ Desertec ~ Wind Power: The Choice of Climatism ~ Wind Power: Built on Subsidies and Mandates ~ Carbon Capture and Storage: A Fool’s Errand ~ Biofuels: Government-Financed Explosion ~ Don’t Burn Food ~ Fuel Economy Mandates and Electric Cars
Chapter 14 Chains for the Developing Nations 293
China and India: The Dilemma of Climatism ~ Developing Nations in Dire Need of Energy ~ Past Chain: Tragedy of the DDT Ban ~ Renewable Fantasy for Developing Nations ~ Stranglehold on Global Capital ~ Bribes for Developing Nations ~ Spectre of Climate Protectionism
Chapter 15 Climatism in Action: Debacles around the World 317
“Enlightened” City of Austin, Texas ~ Renewable Debacle in Spain ~ Renewables Fall Short in Philippines ~ The Sorrow of Denmark ~ California: A Blizzard of Climate Regulations ~ The U.K.: Many Sacrifices for Illusory Benefits ~ The European Emissions Trading Circus
Chapter 16 Energy Nonsense for the Good Old U.S.A. 347
False Claim #1: Independence from Foreign Oil ~ False Claim #2: Growth and Green Jobs ~ False Claim #3: Minimal Cost ~ False Claim #4: 20% Renewables Possible by 2020 ~ Foolishness of U.S. Energy Policy ~ Road to Blackout Paradise? ~ Climatist Demands of the U.S.
Chapter 17 Common Sense and the Future 379
We Can No Longer Control the Seas ~ What’s All the Concern About? ~ Good News from Realistic Climate Science ~ The Bad News is Climatism Itself ~ Common Sense for the 21st Century ~ Trends for the Future ~ Some Things You Can Do ~ A Final Note: The P-38 “Glacier Girl”
Further Reading 395
Notes 397
Index 453