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Miracles in Energy

Human energy consumption is up 26 times since 1800.  We live in a golden age of low-cost energy.  Yet energy is one of the least understood aspects of our modern society.  Is energy use polluting our planet?  Is energy use causing dangerous global warming?  Are we running out of hydrocarbon fuels?  Learn why our current golden age of energy will continue.

Agriculture—Miracles and Misconceptions

Modern agriculture has been remarkably successful.  From 1961 to 2013, world population more than doubled from 3.1 billion to 7.2 billion.  But global agricultural production more than tripled.  Not only the quality of food, but the quality and variety of food is much better than in past ages.  Indeed, Americans eat better than the kings of old.  However, environmental groups decry intensive farming, and the farmer’s use of water, land, fertilizer, and pesticides, branding modern agriculture as unsustainable.  But instead, trends show that modern agriculture is producing more output, of higher quality, and with greater variety of products than ever before.  And farmers are doing this using less land, less water, less pesticide, and less fertilizer.

Upheaval—Coming Changes in Energy and Climate Regulation

Our world today is powered by hydrocarbons.  But are hydrocarbons on the way out?  And can humans control the climate?  The coming changes in energy and climate regulations and implications for your company.

Transportation—Powered by Modern Energy

Automobiles, trucks, trains, ships, and aircraft are powered by modern fuels. Global exports are up 1,800 times in the last 115 years.  Each day, more than 100 million tons of freight are transported throughout the world.  A celebration of modern transportation, with challenging observations on modern fuels and sustainability.

Why Resources Aren’t Natural and Will Never Run Out

Our modern society is blessed with an abundance of raw material and energy resources.  While some warn that natural resources are finite and being exhausted, the opposite is true.  Today we have the greatest access to resources in history.  Raw materials are natural, but resources, such as refined metal or fuel, are created by people.  The level of human technology overwhelmingly determines the availability of resources, not the amount of raw material in the ground.  With no end to the rising level of human technology, global material and energy resources will, for all practical purposes, never run out.

Weather Trends and Climate ChangeSG at Conf

Are hurricanes getting stronger?  Will there be more drought and flood events?  Are weather patterns really changing?  Is mankind causing dangerous climate change?  Evidence and historical trends about weather events and climate, customized for your region and business.

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Invite Steve to present to your company’s board of directors, policy committee, or executive team with his half-day Executive Minority Report Program, covering:

  • Energy Fact and Fiction
  • The False Foundations of Sustainable Development
  • Three Trends Driving Global Energy
  • The Coming Upheaval in Energy and Climate Regulation
  • Elements of a Sensible Environmental Policy

Steve can customize a program for your company in these and other industries:

Agriculture, Automotive, Cement, Chemicals, Construction, Electric Utilities,  Electronics, Energy, Engineering, Financial, Insurance, Manufacturing, Materials, Mining, Natural Gas, Petroleum, Plastics, Transportation

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Executive Minority Report Program